The Ideal Companions


As human beings, we are naturally a sociable kind. Everyone wants to have a friend by their side, to share joys and sorrows together. The friends we choose to be with are also important in our upbringing. Most of the time, especially when we get older, we tend to spend more time at school or at work. Although our parents or guardians have brought us up since we are young, our perspective of life might have shifted due to the influence of our companions. We might changed, either for the better or for the worse. Therefore, it’s important that we surround ourselves with good companions so as to have the best life here and the hereafter.

We shouldn’t rush ourselves in finding a close companion either at work or at school. Be nice to everybody and naturally, you’ll find the right person that you can easily click with. However, it may not be that easy as it may sounds. Having a chemistry with a person due to the same interest is one of the major factors that usually sparks a bond between people. That will lead to more conversations and eventually, they become friends! Yes, that is probably why friendships are forged but, I believe that friendships should be forged based on the morals that they share together. If we look and see deeper in a person, especially the way he or she behaves, you can sense what kind of person he or she is. A person who have good morals will be a better friend. Seek a friend who is kind, polite, helpful and humble, and probably this will be a companion that would stay with you for the rest of your life, In shaa Allah. Of course, you have to be that kind of person too. As a Muslim, looking for a friend that have the same purpose in life would be ideal. That’s not to say that we should shunned all non-Muslims aside. If his or her morals are exceptional, why not be friends with them? They would surely led you to practice your religion peacefully, In shaa Allah.

There are moments in life that we might have chosen the wrong kind of people to be our companions. These mistakes are normal and it is our duty to correct them for our own good. Mixing with bad company will only lead you astray, causing you distress and a broken relationship with Allah SWT. If you love them, correct them the right way, with wisdom and good manners. If these doesn’t change the situation, it’s best if you leave them, in order to protect your relationship with Allah SWT. Do not hate them. Instead, pray for them and hope that they will change for the better.

Companionship based on the hearts that connect together can be very beautiful MashaAllah. This love is a gift, and we should not distrust or disown it when you finally found one.

In shaa Allah.

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

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Ramadhan Kareem!



Alhamdulillah, we are able to meet the month of Ramadhan, a month full of blessings and barakah. Every year, Muslims around the world await this special month, with full of intent, in order to get closer to Allah SWT. Fasting, terawih prayers and reciting the Quran are some of the daily necessities that we do, as we aim to get the maximum rewards and change ourselves for the better.

Fasting during the month is one of the five pillars of Islam. In this month, Satan is being locked up in Jahanam (Hell), and the doors of Jahanam is closed. Therefore, we feel more peaceful during this month, as the whispers of Satan are no longer threatening us. It is a month to see our true potential, as we worked hard to be more obedient to Allah SWT and prepare our course of life for the hereafter. Fasting, is not only a test of faith, but to also be in one’s shoes, for whom are poorer and have hardly enough food to feed themselves. That’s where we felt their hardships and this in turn helps us to remind ourselves that helping the poor is our duty. (this is also one of the five pillars of Islam, which is to give a part of our wealth (zakat) to the poor).

The terawih prayer is a voluntary prayer, only to be done in this month, as we seek rewards and maximise our faith to Him. Every single night of Ramadhan, men and women flock to the mosque to perform the prayer in congregation. The prayer can lasts for 30 minutes to about an hour plus or so, depending on the individual’s means. This is also a chance for the Muslim brothers and sisters to meet and perform the prayer together, as the community around the mosque grows and strengthen.

Reciting and understanding the Quran is being more emphasised in this special month. The Quran (words of Allah SWT), is sent down on this earth to guide us all. Our last prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last messenger to send us the message of Islam. He was the best of mankind, and his sunnahs (deeds) are being followed by Muslims since his time and up until now. As the Quran serve us to guide and remind ourselves, we are highly encouraged to learn and read it more during this month. The guidance will help us to be the better person and one whom is close to Allah SWT.

Bless are we, to be able to witness the beauty of Islam. Bless are we, to be born and bred as Muslims. Oh bless are we, to serve only Him, during this month of Ramadhan, full of blessings and barakah.


Assalamualaikum wr wb.

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Seeking Knowledge

It’s coming to an end of the first quarter of the year 2015. Young people today, are very fortunate to have the things that they can have in this world. Due to the rapid rise of technology, knowledge is within our grasp, and this has help us to do things faster and better.

Without knowledge is viewed as ignorance. Many times, this phrase has been repeated in seminars and schools to remind young people to seek knowledge. Knowledge in a general point of view is beneficial to our daily lives. Not only for students, but for adults to tackle their day to day work or house duties. Students doing projects will need to gather information from the internet. Housewives can tap on knowledge as and when they are doing their daily chores. With the internet equipped in their mobile phones, knowledge is easily accessible now than it ever was. Anyone can google their queries at any time and place. This is so convenient for our students today as they don’t need to rely on books at the library as much as our previous generation of people do. They simply need to go to their mobile phones and google their queries, whether in their school or at the comfort of their beds. Full-time mothers can even work freelance at home and earn abit of income for their family. Its amazing how the world wide web has completely change our world for the better.

As we seek knowledge, we get a clearer view of what we want to do and get it done perfectly. Moreover, success of people’s lives are more documented and this has help many people to follow in their footsteps as they try to pursue their dreams and turn them into reality.

In shaa Allah.

Assalamualaikum wr wb.



Alhamdulillah for the countless blessings,

From the Almighty who never short of giving.

He put us through tests,

For us to be the very best.

Sometimes we fail to see,

That our shortcomings are temporary.

The hereafter is where we should realise,

Oh Alhamdulillah! For the existence of Paradise.

Are we good enough to be in there?

As we repent and repent, not to be in hell.

Love Him, for He is the most Loving.

As flawed as we are, He’ll be always there, the most Forgiving.


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Mothers are a Blessing


We love our mothers so much, yet we hurt her. We feel that she controlled our lives, so we disobey her. We’re all guilty of not making our mothers the happiest person on this earth, especially the times when we are still young and immature. Let’s start appreciating them to the fullest and seek forgiveness for our past mistakes as they are indeed, the most gifted and blessing from Allah SWT.

They loved us unconditionally, cared for us 24/7 and never expect anything in return. Have you ever wonder why some mums sacrifice their passions and jobs just to take care of their children full time? It’s a heavy sacrifice and I believe it is our duty as a son or daughter, to make our mums the happiest person she could ever be. For a start, you should already know what your mum likes to do, so do it with her. If she likes to cook, cook with her. She may like to watch the television, watch it with her too. Or maybe, she might like some outdoor sports that you may never know, get to know it and do it together. Sharing the happiness together is the best thing that could improve your relationship with her and show that you cared about her. For indeed, she cared for us, so take care of her as much as you could.

Sometimes you may wonder why they never let us do what we want to do in our lives. Well, there is a saying, mums know best. Always heed her advice, as they are more experience in life than us. If you disagree with her on your life’s decisions, have a talk with her nicely and know what is exactly the reason behind her disagreements. Never, ever quarrel with her. If she still insists on her decision to stop you from doing it, let it go and listen to her, even if you disagree on it. For we should always be obedient to her and good tidings will came to you. In shaa Allah.

Last but not least, we knew no matter how much we took care of her, it could not be fully repaid of her kindness to you. Cherish her while you are still living with her. For the married-to-be and the married, don’t forget her once you have a family. Spend time with her as much as you could and let her know that they are an inspiration and your guidance to your newly formed family.


Assalamualaikum wr wb.

Positive vibes


Positivity are vibes that came not only naturally, but enforcing as well. We need to instill ourselves with positive vibes or else, we couldn’t even run our daily lives properly. Positive vibes exude confidence in us. With confidence, we whisper to our minds that “Yes, I can do this. Yes, I can do that.” It’s important to have this self-belief in order to negate the majority of the challenges that we indefinitely faced. To instill ourselves with positive vibes, I believe that we need to have a conscious mind, clear all the negativity that surround us and, have faith.

It is often believed that depressed people are trudging through their daily lives due to them not completely aware of their surroundings. Their conscious mind only believes in one thing, sadness over everything. They overlook the good things thus finding negatives in every single situation. In other words, their conscious mind is not completely stable. We are living in a stress world, that’s undeniable. However, to cope with the stress, people have to be conscious enough that they are taking everything a little bit too seriously. As a Muslim, we are taught that this world is a temporary place for us to live in. The hereafter is where we belong. However, we should not give up or not try hard for a particular thing that you want to achieve for. All these things ultimately become your responsibility. Allah SWT attached us with these responsibilities here, so that we could keep on going in this life. These responsibilities will then reflect ourselves in the hereafter therefore, we should try our best and let the results be in His way. By letting the results be in His way, we say Alhamdulillah for everything, whether good or bad. In that state, consciousness in our mind began acknowledging the good things in life. We then start to embrace them. All we need is to look around, be in a state where good things are there for you and stop hindering ourselves with a negative mindset.

Talking about negativity, we should quickly clear them before it takes over our mind. Your mind doesn’t need those. The question is, how do you clear them without ever feeling the negativity is there in the first place? One of the things that I’ve learned is to treat every negativity as a blessing. We are landed with an amount of them. Some are even hard to cope. By having negativity as a blessing, we indirectly treat them as a positivity. Let’s say we acknowledged that they happened for a reason, and they taught you something that you ought to do but you weren’t doing it all this while. For example, you didn’t get the job that you apply or yearn for. This is a situation where you can’t changed. It’s uncontrollable by your side. However, be positive and say, “Maybe this is not meant for me. Allah has better things for me.” Wait for it, be patient and In shaa Allah, the “better things” will come. It could also be a situation where you weren’t doing well for your school, and you keep on failing. Have a positive outlook to it and try better next time. “Better” means to try and change your study ways, ask yourselves what went wrong and look for help if needed be. These are learning lessons. Have faith and try it, and see how you manage to overturn the results at the end of the day.

Lastly, faith is aligned with being positive. For us Muslims, we put our faith to Allah SWT. We began every task by reciting Bismillah. Faith in itself contains positive vibes. Before we do something, we have faith, and await for the best results. Let’s say if we don’t have faith. You won’t even contemplate on starting the certain task. Our mind has already tells us that we can’t do it. I believe that faith is a feeling that strongly associates with the optimists. Although realists still have faith in things that they do, they completely forgo it the moment they think a certain task is impossible to do so. In this case, optimists are risk takers, and by having faith in the things they want to achieve for, they do it with determination. It’s amazing how faith is the stepping stone for us to progress and be positive in our journey of achievement.

We all feel negative at certain times. Emotions are possible to deal with if we do not attach them to the worldly things that came upon us. Deal the negativity with ease by having a strong conscious that they are poisonous to our lives. Also, balance your life by being optimistic or realistic depending on different situations that suits you best. Control your life and mind and be astounded at how your life gets better.

In shaa Allah.

Assalamualaikum wr wb.

End of 24

The day is coming nearer. I’m finally turning 25 in a matter of days. Not that I’m concern with my age number but, it provides a significant milestone to me. I think, I finally began to see the world in a different light right now.

What hit me is the continuous struggles Allah SWT gave it to me, as I try my best to walk on through this life. The struggles by all means, are not as detrimental as some other people in the world who had suffered from. I’m blessed that it turn out that way and knew that complaining it is not the right thing to do. These struggles Alhamdulillah, has changed me to a better person spiritually.

The next step is to move on from this phase of life, learnt from it and do what I’m suppose to. It takes a lot of courage, commitment and mental strength to change yourself and start doing things the right way. There are moments when you tried, but you kept falling back. These are however, the struggles I began to see and that to change, it takes a lot of time and determination. Alhamdulillah, the love from Allah SWT and prophet Muhammad SAW kept me going. They said, life isn’t always smooth sailing. It has its ups and downs. In shaa Allah, we won’t succumbed to the downs and let ourselves astray, as it could prove costly if we are gone from this world in that manner.

Well, there is a saying, light outshines even the darkest of darkness. In shaa Allah, things will be better for me and for the ones who have read this or don’t. We all pray for one another, to be closer to Allah SWT and to be a better person overall. To end this, there is a hashtag that is going viral on social media, that is #whoisMuhammad, peace be upon him. I dedicated this post to the most inspirational human in history. Worthy to be everyone’s idol, as his sunnahs and teachings are truly amazing. They kept you going in this life in pursuit for us to have the best life in the hereafter.

In shaa Allah.

Assalamualaikum wr wb.