Ramadhan Kareem!



Alhamdulillah, we are able to meet the month of Ramadhan, a month full of blessings and barakah. Every year, Muslims around the world await this special month, with full of intent, in order to get closer to Allah SWT. Fasting, terawih prayers and reciting the Quran are some of the daily necessities that we do, as we aim to get the maximum rewards and change ourselves for the better.

Fasting during the month is one of the five pillars of Islam. In this month, Satan is being locked up in Jahanam (Hell), and the doors of Jahanam is closed. Therefore, we feel more peaceful during this month, as the whispers of Satan are no longer threatening us. It is a month to see our true potential, as we worked hard to be more obedient to Allah SWT and prepare our course of life for the hereafter. Fasting, is not only a test of faith, but to also be in one’s shoes, for whom are poorer and have hardly enough food to feed themselves. That’s where we felt their hardships and this in turn helps us to remind ourselves that helping the poor is our duty. (this is also one of the five pillars of Islam, which is to give a part of our wealth (zakat) to the poor).

The terawih prayer is a voluntary prayer, only to be done in this month, as we seek rewards and maximise our faith to Him. Every single night of Ramadhan, men and women flock to the mosque to perform the prayer in congregation. The prayer can lasts for 30 minutes to about an hour plus or so, depending on the individual’s means. This is also a chance for the Muslim brothers and sisters to meet and perform the prayer together, as the community around the mosque grows and strengthen.

Reciting and understanding the Quran is being more emphasised in this special month. The Quran (words of Allah SWT), is sent down on this earth to guide us all. Our last prophet, Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the last messenger to send us the message of Islam. He was the best of mankind, and his sunnahs (deeds) are being followed by Muslims since his time and up until now. As the Quran serve us to guide and remind ourselves, we are highly encouraged to learn and read it more during this month. The guidance will help us to be the better person and one whom is close to Allah SWT.

Bless are we, to be able to witness the beauty of Islam. Bless are we, to be born and bred as Muslims. Oh bless are we, to serve only Him, during this month of Ramadhan, full of blessings and barakah.


Assalamualaikum wr wb.

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