Seeking Knowledge

It’s coming to an end of the first quarter of the year 2015. Young people today, are very fortunate to have the things that they can have in this world. Due to the rapid rise of technology, knowledge is within our grasp, and this has help us to do things faster and better.

Without knowledge is viewed as ignorance. Many times, this phrase has been repeated in seminars and schools to remind young people to seek knowledge. Knowledge in a general point of view is beneficial to our daily lives. Not only for students, but for adults to tackle their day to day work or house duties. Students doing projects will need to gather information from the internet. Housewives can tap on knowledge as and when they are doing their daily chores. With the internet equipped in their mobile phones, knowledge is easily accessible now than it ever was. Anyone can google their queries at any time and place. This is so convenient for our students today as they don’t need to rely on books at the library as much as our previous generation of people do. They simply need to go to their mobile phones and google their queries, whether in their school or at the comfort of their beds. Full-time mothers can even work freelance at home and earn abit of income for their family. Its amazing how the world wide web has completely change our world for the better.

As we seek knowledge, we get a clearer view of what we want to do and get it done perfectly. Moreover, success of people’s lives are more documented and this has help many people to follow in their footsteps as they try to pursue their dreams and turn them into reality.

In shaa Allah.

Assalamualaikum wr wb.


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