Mothers are a Blessing


We love our mothers so much, yet we hurt her. We feel that she controlled our lives, so we disobey her. We’re all guilty of not making our mothers the happiest person on this earth, especially the times when we are still young and immature. Let’s start appreciating them to the fullest and seek forgiveness for our past mistakes as they are indeed, the most gifted and blessing from Allah SWT.

They loved us unconditionally, cared for us 24/7 and never expect anything in return. Have you ever wonder why some mums sacrifice their passions and jobs just to take care of their children full time? It’s a heavy sacrifice and I believe it is our duty as a son or daughter, to make our mums the happiest person she could ever be. For a start, you should already know what your mum likes to do, so do it with her. If she likes to cook, cook with her. She may like to watch the television, watch it with her too. Or maybe, she might like some outdoor sports that you may never know, get to know it and do it together. Sharing the happiness together is the best thing that could improve your relationship with her and show that you cared about her. For indeed, she cared for us, so take care of her as much as you could.

Sometimes you may wonder why they never let us do what we want to do in our lives. Well, there is a saying, mums know best. Always heed her advice, as they are more experience in life than us. If you disagree with her on your life’s decisions, have a talk with her nicely and know what is exactly the reason behind her disagreements. Never, ever quarrel with her. If she still insists on her decision to stop you from doing it, let it go and listen to her, even if you disagree on it. For we should always be obedient to her and good tidings will came to you. In shaa Allah.

Last but not least, we knew no matter how much we took care of her, it could not be fully repaid of her kindness to you. Cherish her while you are still living with her. For the married-to-be and the married, don’t forget her once you have a family. Spend time with her as much as you could and let her know that they are an inspiration and your guidance to your newly formed family.


Assalamualaikum wr wb.


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